How to Find a Husband in 37 Years... or Longer

How to Find a Husband in 37 Years... or Longer

"A wry and heartfelt solo show about the relationships that shape our lives." read the review

Emily Cordes, Theater is Easy

"Both humorous and serious, the play is a commentary on dysfunctional family cycles, heartbreak and hope. JJ Pyle recently discussed this piece via an exclusive interview." read the interview

Meagan J. Meehan,

""[JJ] is an absolute master of storytelling. Sneaky even. The audience is lulled into the false sense that they are merely here to be entertained, amused and to passively listen. By the end of the show however, we are not only charmed and entranced, but we also understand a little more about ourselves and our patchwork connections with the people in our life."

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

"A brilliant script full of brave and honest moments of sadness, humor, and hope... the story is told with lots of heartbreaking emotional moments as well as her ability to grab us with her humor. Great beginning and an incredible moving ending!!"

Amalisha HuEck, Discover Hollywood Magazine

"I wanted to explore the juxtaposition between the overwhelming ecstasy of falling in love and the soul-crushing despair of heartbreak—and maybe help others through it."

Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

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Strange Rain

Strange Rain

"There are two lively cast standouts - ensemble members J. J. Pyle and Kelly Miller take on a handful of smaller parts each, and especially shine as a pair of perky meteorologists and weather reporters covering the freak rainy spell.

Kimberly Wadsworth,

"Particular credit must be given to those members of the cast who play multiple roles, (J.J. Pyle and Kelly Miller) for their skill in keeping their different parts distinct."

Regina Robbins, Theatre Is Easy

Elsinore County

Elsinore County

"Endowing Ophelia with a contemporary personality gave J.J. Pyle some interesting colors to play as Ophelia...some good strong strokes were taken to try to tell her story."

Jane Titus,

"The three strong female leads are... and J.J. Pyle (Ophelia)."

Paul Hansen,

Bubby's Shadow

Bubby's Shadow

" more person would be returning which is Jonny's wife (played by J.J. Pyle). A quick cathartic exchange seems to heal the breach between them and in a strong performance showcasing Pyle's emotional range she goes from scared to mad, to bewildered to overjoyed very convincingly. Though brief, Pyle's time on stage comes at a climactic moment and packs quite a punch."

Stephen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

Time's Scream and Hurry

Time's Scream and Hurry

"At first read, Time's Scream and Hurry's title is secretive and reserved in its efforts to expose the play. However, after leaving the Thursday night performance at The Elephant Performance Lab, I felt as if I had been let in on three special secrets that were so raw and unforgiving in their revelation that I was repeatedly broken from laughter and brought to tears... the New York City dominatrix played by J.J Pyle with a perverse obsession for fire... Despite the gloomy storyline, each actor executed their character with enthusiasm and conviction keeping the lengthy monologues interesting and colorful."

"...Match Girl" was utterly captivating. Pyle's character entered stage clearly troubled but eerily calm and playing with fire (literally!) A young, anxious New Yorker struggling with depression and self harm turns to S & M for a way to release and finds a new sense of identity. Pyle was adorable and offensive all at once and I found myself admiring her strength and vulnerability."

Alice M. Hunter, LA SPLASH

"Match Girl concerns a self-possessed New Yorker, played by J.J. Pyle, with an unusual provides an apt vehicle for Pyle, who is fun to watch as she teasingly peels back her glamorous exterior to reveal a warped psyche."

Ethan Kanfer, Show Business Weekly

JJ Pyle

What people are saying
about Match Girl

"JJ is absolutely arresting. She has a fierce presence while on stage and great commitment to the material...There's excellent vocal control and a nice attention to diction throughout the piece. She found the hills and the valleys in the story and really kept me engaged. She has a great look for both theatre and film and very strong technique as a performer.

Michael Roderick, Small Pond Entertainment

"Matchgirl was hysterical! J.J. Pyle was really fabulous and she presented very polished performance that gave much more importance to the dialogue than was due."

Roz Dotson, Tapwe Productions

"The part J.J. played was also very entertaining. It was nice to see J.J. play a part that must have been very out of her normal realm or characters. She had a sweet way about her that made her story more surprising... "

Ian Bondy, The New York Talent Club

"Great range and convincing portrayal of her character's life and journey into the sex industry."

Laura Verbeke, Laura Verbeke Casting

"But, oh, how wonderful those plays were: original, daring, and compelling. In "Matchgirl" J.J. Pyle gave a focused and carefully modulated performance for a highly complex role that navigated a challenging path."

Bob Hawk, Theatre/Film Producer

"I thought the piece was well written and that the cast was truly exceptional..."

Bernard Grenier, Manager of Development, Bravo Network

"The woman with the burning problem was great"

Stephen Smith, DLT Productions

"The actress, J.J Pyle, was stunning in her portrayal of a woman with a secret life."

Philip Cioffari, Playwright/Director/Filmmaker

In the Boom Boom Room

In the Boom Boom Room

"The play follows Chrissy as she seems to invite abuse into her life. J.J. Pyle (who plays Chrissy) is a beautiful and talented graduate of Purdue University- and one might wonder why she isn't working on larger stages. She's able to delineate a wide spectrum of emotions while enduring the abuse, and she is still able to maintain a connection with the audience. Whether Chrissy is being fondled by homeless men or harassed by her gay neighbor, her performances remain consistently believable."

Steven Harbaugh,

Interiew with InViolet Theater

InViolet Theater

"New member JJ Pyle talks solo shows, how to turn your day job into a TV gig, and that time Joe Mancuso invited her to an InViolet meeting, then ditched her."

Read the interview >